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NITS is rapidly becoming a leading provider of K-12 public sector administrative solutions. Utilizing an approach that offers a complete solution to all sectors, NITS can benefit Parents, Teachers, and Administrators. NITS will provide technologically advanced solutions, utilizing the Internet to facilitate communications between the home and classroom, ultimately providing pathways that will build the foundation for student success.

NITS is clearly positioned to become the world's leading educational learning solutions company providing: Internet solutions for parents, teachers and students; student information systems; parenting content; systems integration; classroom management systems; consulting; project management; network integration; training; continuing education; and educational courseware and hardware systems.


As school reform continues to top the federal, state and local political agenda, corporations and educational institutions spend hundreds of millions on training and certification, and the business community places more emphasis on supporting a strong educational system to foster economic growth and prosperity, it is clear that learning organizations must improve.

The use of advanced information technology and the Internet can build a bridge for parents and teachers while serving as the catalyst for streamlining administrative policies and enriching the learning environment. The Company makes it possible for customers to cost-effectively procure/access state-of-the-art system solutions wherever they may be: at school, university or state agency, at the workplace or home, even across national borders.
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